OWreplica is a store for both buyers and sellers of street wear. We consign clothes from brands such as Supreme, Bape, Palace, Anti Social Club, Kanye West Merch, Kaws, VLone and more. We are currently the largest online Supreme marketplace, and we maintain this by providing our consignors with a steady flow of sales, as well as our shoppers with up to date inventory and worldwide shipping. We take a flat rate of 20% from all our consignors, and operate out of the East Village, in New York City. If you have a large collection of streetwear, or if you are a day to day seller, come by our shop and we can set you up with an account, and get you selling right away!! You will be surprised how fast your merchandise will sell, and how easy it is to get paid. 


OWreplica began as a small consignment website back in 2014. We ran out of a storage unit in downtown Manhattan, but have come a long way since. Our goal has been simple from day one, we look to provide sellers with a quick and simple service to liquidate large amounts of streetwear, without the hassle of shipping, listing and inventory tracking. As well as provide shoppers with a one stop shop for everything street ware. We have come to a fair 80/20 split, and do not plan on changing this rate in the future. When we first opened shop, back in December of 2015, our shop was a mere rack or two of tees and jackets, and a couple hat shelves. We are now located in the East Village, with a massive in store display, that includes Tees, Hoodies, Jackets, Accessories, assorted Art and Collectables, as well as discount streetwear. Our online selection has more then trippled since then as we are growing by the day. We appreciate all the help from our local consignors, as well as our shoppers from all around the world. It is because of this massive following that we have been able to stay in business all these years, and we can not thank everyone enough. To stay updated with any news, or to view our day to day intake of clothing, follow us on any of our social media accounts at the bottom of the page. 


Currently, all our merchandise online is brand new. This means whatever you purchase, be it clothing, accessories or collectables, has been checked to be deadstock. Some of the merchandise may not have the original sales tag, as we remove them to put on display in our store, but we guarantee everything online is brand new. Our in store selection is identical to our online selection, excluding any used merchandise. To purchase used merchandise, feel free to come by our store any day from 11-7 except Monday.

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